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Video A - Studio SituationAuthor: Paweł Kwiek
Title: Video A – Studio Situation
Year: 1974
Duration: 3’26
Language: polish
Origins: VHS
Signature: arton_2016_kwiek_video_a
Key words: kwiek / wideo / video / a / sytuacja / studio
License: Paweł Kwiek
In the middle of the 1970s Paweł Kwiek (born in 1951) began to intensively search for an alternative to the Marxist theory describing the human intelligence and the human way of learning about the world. The cybernetic ”theory of the character” which was a significant context for his cognitive experiments related to the new medium obtained by the Workshop in 1973, namely the video, turned out to be such alternative. This theory was the starting point for Kwiek, allowing him to identify the functioning of the structure of his own cognition (the mind) with the structure of the functioning of a machine. Works created in the television studio were the outcome of these reflections. In May 1974 the Workshop was invited to a TVP studio. Kwiek carried out a live performance "Video A – Sytuacja studia" [Situation of the Studio] during a live broadcast. The performance involved providing the cameramen and producers with guidelines on framing, use a specific camera, changing the plan etc. Therefore, in a simple way, he showed thousands of people watching the live broadcast that each attempt to report anything contains a selective message and involves the potential for distortions and dooms the viewers to the fragmentary learning of the reality.
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