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Ufność w trakcie śmierci 
Author: Paweł Kwiek
Title: Ufność w trakcie śmierci
Year: 1998
Duration: 3,28
Language: brak
Origin: VHS
Signature: arton_2016_kwiek_ufność
Key words: kwiek / wideo / video / ufność / śmierć
License: Paweł Kwiek

A small, almost intimate recording from the inside of Paweł Kwieks studio apartment. Kwieks use of a simple amateur video camera becomes a certain manifesto, in the context of the previous, complicated production-wise works of Kwiek, created e.g. in a TV studio. The film begins with a shot of the image of Kwiek with "Ufność w trakcie śmierci" ("Trust in death") written thereon, followed by the view of the apartment. Kwiek, in a continuous unedited shot, shows the modest room, in which - as can be clearly seen - he lives and works. We can see paint tubes, paintings, drawings, and photos among the homely mess. Kwiek turns on the cassette player and the sounds of "Carmen" by Ravel spread through the room. The camera begins to move in time with the music. The last scene is the image of Kwieks shadow waving to his viewer. In view of the rich and complex context of the previous works of Paweł Kwiek, the purpose of which was, among others, to explore the video medium, this simple project seems to be a dialogue with the history of this trend. Kwiek delves into the early history of the video medium, when artists discovered this medium as an opportunity to create spontaneous film notations.

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