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Conversation with God 
Author: Paweł Kwiek
Title: Linia
Year: 1978
Duration: 2,55
Language: polski
Origin: VHS
Signature: arton_2016_kwiek_linia
Key words: kwiek / wideo / video / linia
License: Paweł Kwiek
"Conversation with God" is a reconstruction of one of the most important meditations - as they are called by Paweł Kwiek. In September 1990, after a period of intense spiritual exercises, Kwiek heard the voice of God and was also able to talk with him. This was a time of radical spiritual and personal changes in the artists life. The reconstruction of this spiritual conversation was prepared with the use of a video camera and a cassette recorder. The image of Kwiek is static: the artist sits in front of a video camera with a cassette player on his left, containing pre- recorded words of God Kwiek heard during the meditation. 
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