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Audiovisual Experiment IIAuthor: Grzegorz Zgraja
 Title: Audiovisual Experiment II

Year: 1977

Duration: 4,45

Language: non

Origins: VHS 

Signature: arton_2016_zgraja_doswiadczenie_audiowizualne_I

Key words: zgraja / wideo / video / doświadczenie / audiowizualne

Copyrights: Grzegorz Zgraja
 Paradox of perception, though often created with irritating methods, many a time provides a palpable experience of the medium and its potential. Conscious manipulation on the specific constitutive layers of video art – concentrating not so much on its aesthetics but on self-referential possibilities of obtaining insight – comes as somewhat of an attack on bourgeois art and the ideologies of the autonomy of the work of art.Both Audiovisual Experience I and II features illusion created by means of the strategies of doubling, mirror reflections, and acoustic construction of space. The object which provides the author with an opportunity to experiment is a metronome, which develops illusory audio-visual relations when set in motion..

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