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A MirrorAuthor: Romuald Kutera
Title: A Mirror
Year: 1973
Duration: 2,10
Language: no 
Origins: 16 mm 
Signature: arton_2016_kutera_lustro
Key words: kutera / wideo / video / lustro
License: Romuald Kutera 

The early work of Romuald Kutera can be considered in relation to the structural film movement. For example, in this film a mirror and a camera meet and engage in a dialogue. Traditionally perceived as two fundamental tools of “representing” reality, the artist uses the mirror and the camera to create a new language of communication. A series of flashing lights creates a new system of lingual signs mediated by the movement of the camera. Whilst watching the film, the spectator becomes engaged in the process of decoding the created meaning, an activity that remains not exactly clear. We, the audience, are confronted with semiotic instability, condemned to fail any attempt to decode the new language.

Based on: Jan Świdziński, Contextual Art I, artist’s website:

  Marika Kuźmicz tel. +48 502 055 130