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CornerAuthor: Ryszard Waśko
Title: Corner
Year: 1976
Duration: 3,36
Language: brak
Origins: wideo
Signature: arton_2016_waśko_rog
Key words: waśko / róg / wideo / video 
License: Ryszard Waśko 
In the installation Corner Ryszard Waśko problematises the phenomenon of direct transmission, analysing at the same time the relation between reality and its representation. The essential and highlighted aspect of the work is the spatial character of the very installation (monitor) – the meeting point of the real and represented space. Therefore, not only does the installation deconstruct the medium of video, but also enters into an intertextual relation with sculpture and environment art.

Quoted from: R. Kluszczyński, Obrazy na wolności. Studia z historii sztuk medialnych w Polsce, Warsaw 1997.

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