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My Prayer Is Powerful (Our Father)

Author: Paweł Kwiek

Title: My Prayer Is Powerful (Our Father)

Year: 1990

Duration: 7’54’’

Language: polski

Orygins: VHS

Signature: arton_2017_ojcze_nasz

Key words: Paweł / Kwiek / Ojcze / Nasz / performance / modlitwa

Copyrights: Józef Robakowski, Paweł Kwiek

Paweł Kwiek, Our Father (Ojcze Nasz), Centre for Contemporary Art—Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 1990

A record of Paweł Kwiek’s performance Our Father at the Centre for Contemporary Art—Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw in 1990.

In his action at Ujazdowski Castle, Paweł Kwiek attempted to recreate his own spiritual experiences. Kwiek presented two situations in tableaux vivants, depicting his path to the Supreme Being and his attempt to approach Him. In the artist’s view, God is the highest purpose, and the Lord’s Prayer is a linguistic symbol linking us to God. Kwiek recites the prayer before the audience in two extreme situations. In the first, he prays while lying on the floor, face to the ground, while a group of volunteers stand on a board crushing him into the earth. In the second situation, Kwiek recites the “Our Father” while being held aloft in the hands of the same group of people. The artist sought to show that we should not lose our humility in a situation of exaltation and succumb to pride, and in a situation of debasement not lose our faith and trust in God.


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