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Performance: Andrzej Różycki, Borys Różycki

Realisation: Józef Robakowski

Production: Exchange Gallery

TitleAction at Galeria Wschodnia

Year: 1990

Duration: 7’24’’

Language: Polish

Orygins: Video 8

Signature: arton_2017_akcja_na_wschodniej

Key words: Różycki / Andrzej / Borys / video / wideo /performance

Copyrights: Józef Robakowski, Andrzej Różycki 

A record of Borys and Andrzej Różycki’s action at Galeria Wschodnia in Łódź in 1990.


In his performance at Galeria Wschodnia, Borys Różycki expressed his longing for piety and internal need for the sacred. In this action, which he invited his son Andrzej to participate in, Różycki attempts to answer fundamental questions about the purpose of humanity in the world and the existence of God in the field of art, and thus the role, scope and meaning of creation, the essence of art. The artist presents four fundamental models of humanity. The first is a convention figure stipulating whether man exists. The second is an attempt to present interpersonal contacts and the conflicts arising from them. The next model proposed by Różycki is a tree/man in nature, the living world. The artist seeks a place for humanity in the order of the world of nature. The final construction is a cross (also from wood). In Różycki’s view, this is the most perfect form, symbolizing God and providing an awareness of his existence.

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