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Hommage á Wacław Antczak

Author: Józef Robakowski

Title: Hommage a Wacław Antczak

Year: 1985

Duration: 7’54’’

Language: polski

Orignins: VHS

Signature: arton_2017_hommage_a_waclaw_antczak

Key words: Józef / Robakowski / Wacław / Antczak / homage / video / performance

1.     Józef Robakowski, Hommage à Wacław Antczak, 1985

Hommage à Wacław Antczak honours an artist Robakowski refers to without a shadow of irony as a beloved master. In his performance made for the camera, Robakowski interpreted a poem by Wacław Antczak entitled “Reincarnation.” Originating from the lumpenproletariat, Antczak was a tailor by profession and by predilection and talent an actor, violinist, poet and declaimer, affiliated from the beginning with the Workshop of Film Form (which Robakowski was also a member of). Hommage à Wacław Antczak is an example of a single-take film, without editing cuts, typical for Robakowski. The artist recorded his action limited to an unmoving frame, appearing before the camera mounted on a stand as a tool for making an objective record.



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