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Performance: Ewa Zarzycka

Realisation: Józef Robakowski

Production: Exchange Gallery

Title: Przestrzenie sztuki

Year: 1990

Duration: 7’14’’

Language: polski

Orygins: Video 8

Signature: arton_2017_przestrzenie_sztuki

Copyrights: Ewa Zarzycka, Józef Robakowski 

Key words: Ewa / Zarzycka / przestrzeni / sztuki / performance / art / spaces


Ewa Zarzycka, Art Spaces (Przestrzenie sztuki), Centre for Contemporary Art—Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 1990

A record of Ewa Zarzycka’s performance Art Spaces from 1990 at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw during the Videoperformance festival.

Art Spaces is a film record of a lecture on spiritual and intellectual concerns of art. In a gesture to separate the two fields, the artist divides the gallery space with soil sprinkled along the floor. In the next step, the soil is brushed aside and then crushed and spread across the floor. This gesture depicts how the two areas of the spiritual and the material interpenetrate in the field of art. In her action, Zarzycka combines intellectual acuity with an ironic attitude of distance toward attempts to define art.



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