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Author: Mirosław Rajkowski

Realization: Józef Robakowski

Production: Exchange Gallery

Title: Vademecum sztuki

Year: 1986

Duration: 5’02’’

Language: brak

Orygins: U-matic

Signature: arton_2017_vademecum_sztuki

Copyrights: Mirosław Rajkowski, Józef Robakowski

Key words: Mirosław / Rajkowski / vademecum / sztuki / video / wideo / performance



1.       Mirosław Rajkowski, Vademecum of Art (Vademecum sztuki)

A record of Mirosław Rajkowski’s action Vademecum of ArtIn his action/concert, Mirosław Rajkowski used overtone singing to create a multilayered meditation structure. In the field of performance art, Rajkowski assumed an attitude of transgression and freedom of the creative act. Trained as a philosopher, in his sound performances Rajkowski created a bridge between art and the spiritual sphere.



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