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Author: Marek Janiak

Title: Bez tytułu

Year: 1990

Duraton: 5’02’’

Language: brak

Orygins: VHS

Signature: arton_2017_marek-janiak

Key words: Marek / Janiak / video / wideo / performance / CSW / Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej

Marek Janiak, Untitled, Centre for Contemporary Art—Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 1990

A record of a performance by Marek Janiak in 1990 at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

In his introduction, Janiak said that he was planning to move a glass with the power of thought. This challenge eluded human capability and could not succeed. The glass remained unmoved. The artist failed. Janiak takes up the topic of embarrassment, distraction and uncertainty as to the status, value and significance of his own efforts—an expression of the concept of Embarrassing Art propounded by the Łódź Kaliska group, which he was a member of.

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