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Performance: Zdzisław Kwiatkowski

Realisation: Józef Robakowski


TitleBetween Left and Righ

Year: 1990

Duration: 501

Language: polski

Orygins: Video 8

Signature: arton_2017_miedzy_lewy_a_prawym

Key words: Zdzisław / Kwiatkowski / video / wideo / performance / CSW / Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej / lewy / prawy

Copyrights: Józef Robakowski, Zdzisław Kwiatkowski

Zdzisław Kwiatkowski, Between Left and Right (Między lewym a prawym), Centre for Contemporary Art—Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 1990

A record of Zdzisław Kwiatkowski’s action Between Left and Right in 1990 at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

In the action Between Left and Right, Kwiatkowski suspended his body, supported by two chairs placed back to back. He could hold this position as long as his physical fitness allowed. At the ends of a board, invisibly sliced in two, were two cobblestones. At the critical moment, falling, they break the board, creating a catapult tossing the stones in the artist’s direction. The title of the performance alludes to the political division of the country. Over the course of several decades the performance has undergone a range of transformations without losing its relevance. The name was also changed to Obverse–Reverse (Awers–rewers), replacing the stones with coins.


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