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Author: Andrij Bojarov

Title: Look (Tribute dla Nam June Paika)

Year: 1989-90

Duration: 1’39’’

Language: no

Origins: VHS

Signature: 15_arton_2018_none

Key words: andrij, bojarov, paik, wideo, news, some, gut

License: Andrij Bojarov 


One of the pioneer accomplishments of the Ukrainian video art, which is a kind of a camera-intended performance at the same time, reveals mechanisms of creating a video picture. The work comprises two parts: the first is the video camera perspective, while the second is the screen image where we can see the artist’s - the author’s face, his framed eyes actually, looking at us - the recipients of the whole work. The work "Look" encapsulates many issues important for the specifics of the video. It "reveals" the registration process, at the time a technological breakthrough applied by the artists. The process was nearly immediate in relation to the picture creation, which could be directly observed by the viewer. The work reminds us that we are observed when we observe.

The work "Tribute to Nam June Paik" by Andrei Bojarov is to involve in a dialogue with one of the most famous video art makers, considered a precursor of this medium, and in particular to his iconic today video installation: TV-Buddha, where the artist combined the title elements: the TV set and the figure of the Buddhist Bodhisattva . The third element of the work is a video camera transmitting the Buddha image to the screen in such a way that the statue "gazes" at itself at the screen as at the kind of a mirror. Paik thus carried out a metaphorical analogy between the state of meditation, where being is identical to comprehension and vision, and the video itself, where transmitting makes the immanent feature as enabling both instantaneous acting and observing this acting, being conveyed to the screen with a camera.

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