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For MatyldaAuthor: Józef Robakowski
Title: For Matylda
Year: 1985
Duration: 5,45
Language: brak
Origins: VHS
Signature: arton_2016_robakowski_dla_matyldy
Key words: robakowski / matylda / Matyldy / video / wideo  
License: Józef Robakowski 
The film "For Mathilda" is a picture dedicated to the artists daughter. The film takes place on a balcony: Robakowski – simultaneously the operator and the director of the film – is reflected in an old mirror leaning against the wall, next to which we can see a rocking horse. The horse belongs to Mathilda. Robakowski also devotes to Mathilda his gesture, namely filming; he also dedicates to Mathilda Chopins music, which can be heard coming from the room, through the open window, to the balcony. The film is an exceptional work of art, presenting two facts from the then everyday life of Robakowski: being a father and being an artist.

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