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Closer - Further. A Hommage a Workshop of The Film FormAuthor: Józef Robakowski
Title: Closer - Further. Hommage a Workshop of The Film Form
Year: 1985
Duration: 3,27
Language: polski
Origins: VHS
Signature: arton_2016_robakowski_bliżej_dalej
Key words: robakowski / closer / further / video /wideo 
License: Józef Robakowski 
One of Józef Robakowskis works shot using an ordinary video camera in the 1980s out of a window in the artists apartment in Łódź. This project is based on a simple idea of zooming in and out with the lens, following the instructions given off camera by Robakowski himself - the director and operator of the video: "nearer - further". As a result, the viewer is given the image of a sky scraper moving now closer, now further away from the screen. With this work, Robakowski refers to the tradition of the Film Form Workshop, which he also created, significantly based on the analysis of reality through the new media. The image given to the audience changes, depending on the parameters of the camera in a given moment. In the 1970s, Robakowski worked on complex and professional equipment, while in the next decade, he freely used an amateur video camera. in this context, "Nearer - Further" becomes a unique "instruction" on how to interpret the reality shown to us via the media, and how to use those media at a time, when they have become objects of everyday use.
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