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CarsAuthor: Józef Robakowski
Title: Samochody
Year: 1985
Duration: 3,27
Language: polski
Origin: VHS
Signature: arton_2016_robakowski_samochody
Key words: robakowski / samochody / video /wideo 
Copyrights: Józef Robakowski 
 In the 1980s, particularly in the first half of the decade, Józef Robakowski created numerous works, among others, with the use of an ordinary amateur video camera. This was a special period in Robakowskis life, who, during the martial law, was removed from the Film School, where he used to be a lecturer. The political situation caused him to withdraw from the official artistic life. However, this was a time of intense creativity – Robakowski, on the basis of the video medium, with which he had been experimenting since the 1970s, developed his own formula, which resulted in creation of numerous projects shot in domestic interiors. "Cars" is a video camera recording of the view seen from a window in Robakowskis apartment. The view of the passing cars was recorded without any alterations or interferences, only put together with the artists voice coming off camera, repeating "cars, cars are coming". The film is a recording of the everyday life of Robakowski, and an interesting gesture fusing his life and his artistic career, as if the artist was giving a clear signal, making it possible to interpret even the simple action of looking through the window as a gesture of an artist.
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