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Head Author: Grzegorz Zgraja
Title: Head
Year: 1978
Duration: 3,52
Language: brak języka
Origin:  VHS
Signature: arton_2016_zgraja_glowa
Key words: zgraja / wideo / video / glowa
License: Grzegorz Zgraja
This work relies mainly on the strategically structured relation between the sound and the image. The centre of the frame features the artist’s head, lit in various ways depending on the melodic sounds, and sometimes even doubled. It is the audio layer that evidently sets the rhythm and shapes the visual side of the film. The head, even though it is the eponymous protagonist, seems to be but a pretext to experimental activities. This changeability and relativity, volume and doubling becomes the causal force behind the work. The rhythm is changeable both with regard to sounds and images, though retaining correspondence in both of these layers: accumulation of sounds, which takes here the form of the overlapping of two melodic lines, generates a mutliplication of images-heads: the screen is divided in half, so as to show the proper fragment of the image from each melodic line. Sometimes the rhythm is also set by the image – it happens so when the screen is gradually “painted over” – then the exchange of sounds occurs, as if governed by image variables. The play on melodic narration, featured in Head brings to mind studies for a music video.
References: (tes),Malowane kamerą “Dziennik zachodni”, Katowice, 14.04.1993; J. Thomas, G. Zgraja, Videoobrazy, transl. S. Zgraja, Galeria Kronika, Art Centre in Bytom, cat. nr 8/93, Bytom 1993. 
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw and Grzegorz Zgraja
  Marika Kuźmicz tel. +48 502 055 130