Jolanta Marcolla

(b. 1950)

She studied painting at the individual studies at the Art Academy PWSSP in Wrocław (1974). She is the author of photographs, film and video. She founded and is a member of the creative group “Current Art Gallery” which organised many artistic events in Poland and abroad during the years1972-1975 such as: „Show no 12” Permafo Gallery, (Wrocław 1972), “Awareness Of Possibilities”, Akumulatory Gallery, (Poznań 1973), “ Art and Informatic”, Studio Agora, (Maastricht Belgia 1974). Since 1975 the artist started her individual artwork. Her exhibitions: “The screening of film and documentary”, Labirynt Gallery (Lublin 1976), “C.D.N. Young Art Presentation” (Warsaw 1977), “From the archive of experimental Film” (Warsaw,Poznań, New York 2002/03), “1,2,3…Avant Garde” (CSW Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw 2007), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Germany 2007, rekalde hall, Bilbao Spain 2007/2008; From the experimental cinema archive, Warsaw, Poznań 2002, New York 2003, conceptual art. Photography, The City Of Łódź Museum, Łódź 2010; Polish Conceptual Photography, Freies Museum - Berlin 2011

  Marika Kuźmicz tel. +48 502 055 130