Marek Janiak

Marek Janiak (b. 1955)

architect, lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Technology in Łódź, multimedia artist, co-founder and member of the Łódź Kaliska collective. Akin to other members of the group, Janiak began his career as a follower of the Workshop of the Film Form, but in the 1980s he abandoned analytical art in favour of what came to be known as Embarrassing Art. Proponent of the fusion of art and life, which was the underlying idea of the Chip-In Culture (Kultura Zrzuty) movement. He expressed his artistic creed in numerous manifestos, often written alongside Andrzej Kwietniewski, such as Manifesto of Embarrassing Art, Work without Concentration, For a Needed Art, Idiotic Art. Examining the limits of risk that the artist may take in the game with the society, Janiak created the performance series Liberating Exercises.



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